Welcome messages to athletes and delegations

Dear Friends,

The International Fencing Federation is looking forward to welcoming all the veteran fencers in the beautiful city of Zadar, Croatia.

The disappointment of the cancellation of the 2021 World Championships due to Covid-19 is now followed by the excitement of the realization of the 2022 Veteran World Championships, an event that our veteran athletes have been looking forward to. We are now getting back on track, and athletes, referees, coaches, officials from all over the world will meet again, to participate in and enjoy this international meeting. At the same time, they will demonstrate their fencing experience and skills, passing them on to the future generations and contributing to the promotion of the sport of fencing.

The Croatian Fencing Federation, in close cooperation with the FIE, is working hard to host an exiting and safe event for all of us, creating the best possible environment for the veteran fencers to show their passion for their sport and for the spectators to enjoy the competitions that are always conducted in the spirit of fair-play and common love for fencing. Today, our world is facing troubled times and the need to bring people together in peace is stronger than ever. Let us hope that the championships will be the occasion for veteran athletes and for officials from all the countries of the world to reunite again in peace breaking down all barriers.

The 2022 Veteran World Championships in Zadar, will offer us the opportunity to meet again as fencers and friends, to share amazing experiences and to celebrate our sport.

Emmanuel Katsiadakis
Interim President
Dear fencing friends,

I'm pleased to welcome you to this great event we are hosting finally in 2022. We are thrilled to host another great FIE event in our country - specially one of this size and magnitude.

COVID-19 has affected are lives greatly and when it comes to fencing, we can freely say that the veterans were the most hit group by having a three year long pause. That is why this competition is special for everyone in the fencing community as we will see again many of our dear sport friends, colleagues and great veteran athletes.

We are also happy that we are hosting this event in such a beautiful place like Zadar. Its vast culture, rich heritage, medieval buildings and ancient legacy, will be an experience for every fencer coming to our city. We are sure that after this event, you will be filled with great energy, you will carry home a wonderful memories and will remember this competition for a long time.

Dear fencing friends - we are looking forward to seeing you in Zadar.

Antonio Trcin
President of Croatian Fencing Federation