We have worked hard to provide you with the best hotel options in Zadar for your stay during the competition

Organizers have negotitated great hotel deals with the local partners to ensure that our athletes, coaches and other personnel have a great stay in Zadar during the Championships.

Also, to ensure the smooth running of competition and to ensure that you manage to spend your time most effectively, please we reccommend that you book your accommodations through this website for numerous reasons: free shuttle service (without official bracelet it costs 5 EUR per trip), RAT test done in official accommodation (only with official bracelet; otherwise you have to travel to the venue), weapon control in some hotels (only with official bracelet), and many other benefits that you might miss out on.

We promise you that our prices and conditions are better than through any agency.

why should you book through our organization?

official reservation*
reservation through agencies and directly at hotel

* All members of delegations coming to official accommodation through our organizations will get a special security bracelets which indicate that the athlete, coach or someone else has made booking through our organisation. Only with it is possible to make easy RAT tests, weapon control checking, travel with shuttle to the competition and training hall and get a discount at gala dinner. 

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All our hotels will provide the best possible rates for our sportsmen as to ensure the best experience for all participants. Our capacity is limited so ensure to make your bookings through official organisation in time.